Kit with 3 Caps - 1 Kit Only

Kit with 3 Caps - 1 Kit Only

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Kit with 3 Caps - 1 Kit Only

Produced to provide maximum baby comfort and quality in the composition of your photos.

Exclusive for use in photographic sessions of newborns.

All tissues were selected, tested and approved by Paloma Schell.

This product consists of 1 Kit of 3 caps which in the below colors:

You can write at the "comment" field the color of your choice.

- Neutral colors;

- Cold colors;

- Warm colors.


The colors of the caps in the kits can vary, but it will be always with similar colors to those showed on the pictures, following the line of warm tones, cold tones and neutral tones.
The exact colors can not be chosen.

In our kits we use different fabrics in different compositions, but all of them have been properly tested and approved in our studio by Paloma Schell, so they will perfectly meet the goal.


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